Denise Rich Penned “Silver Lining” For Hayley Gene Penner
Singer/Songwriter Hayley Gene Penner has released the single “Silver Lining” with Singer/Songwriter, co-written by Denise Rich at a BMI/DRS Aspen Songwriting Camp! Rich and Penner collaborated with Joe London and Jarrad Krtizstein to make this beautiful song come alive. 
Hayley explained the process on Instagram (@hayleygenepenner) and writes:
Some songs just arrive on your tongue. They strike through you like a bolt of lightening, punctuating an epic 4 hour crying spree. Some songs just sort of happen to you. They require nothing but a bit of openness in order to arrive. And it is very romantic. And it is very magical. Then some songs don’t. Some songs are a labor of love and time and patience. Some songs are the result of a group of people who want nothing more than to sit around an indoor pool in a house in Aspen on a Tuesday morning and write a song about love.