New Single “Can’t Be Life” with Mary J Blige

Denise’s latest release is the single “Can’t Be Life” that was released by Mary J. Blige for the thriller Body Cam. The song was co-written with Mary J. Blige, Chucky Thompson, Stacy Barthe, Jimmy Cozier and Aaron Philips, produced by Thompson. The song echoes hope and resilience and is a perfect mirror to the times. With the strong message, the song was used as the end title of the film.

Check out the song HERE



Denise Rich and Luther Vandross co-written song has Dionne Warwick back with a NUMBER ONE Billboard Breakout Dance Club Song with “You Really Started Something.” The song was released on Warwick’s album SHE’S BACK and was remixed by some of the top re-mixers in the game, proving to be a huge Dance Club hit. With a lineup like Rich, Vandross and Warwick, there’s no question why. 


Denise Rich Penned “Silver Lining” For Hayley Gene Penner

Singer/Songwriter Hayley Gene Penner has released the single “Silver Lining” with Singer/Songwriter, co-written by Denise Rich at a BMI/DRS Aspen Songwriting Camp! Rich and Penner collaborated with Joe London and Jarrad Krtizstein to make this beautiful song come alive. 
Hayley explained the process on Instagram (@hayleygenepenner) and writes:
Some songs just arrive on your tongue. They strike through you like a bolt of lightening, punctuating an epic 4 hour crying spree. Some songs just sort of happen to you. They require nothing but a bit of openness in order to arrive. And it is very romantic. And it is very magical. Then some songs don’t. Some songs are a labor of love and time and patience. Some songs are the result of a group of people who want nothing more than to sit around an indoor pool in a house in Aspen on a Tuesday morning and write a song about love. 

Panic! At The Disco’s “High Hopes” written in Aspen

The Denise Rich Songs/BMI Aspen Songwriting Camps prove again to be a great success being the birthplace to the hit Panic! At The Disco Song “High Hopes.” The song was written by songwriting’s rising stars Tayla Parx, Ilsey Juber, Cook Classics and Jonas Jeberg at a Fall camp – it’s hard to not feel inspired surrounded by the yellow Aspen trees and surrounding mountains.

The song has reached #1 on Pop, Adult AC and Alternative Radio simultaneously – the fourth song ever to hold that honor. Also, with 14 weeks at #1 Hot 100 Radio, the song tied Alicia Keys’ “No One” and Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” for the fifth longest-leading number one. Amazing company to be a part of!